• Ongoing endeavors to detect mobilization of transposable elements

    Strategies for monitoring retrotransposition events with cellular resolution. (A) An overview of the LINE1 retrotransposition assay (adopted from (64)). The L1-cassette contains reporter (shown is GFP) in the opposite direction to normal L1 transcription. As transcription occurs, the intron that disrupts the reporter is removed by a splicing event. SD, splice donor; SA, splice acceptor; IVS, intervening sequence. (B) A schematic of gypsy-TRAP reporter (adopted from (84)). i) No integration: Expression of GAL80 under α-tubulin promoter with intact hot spots (ovo promoter) suppresses GAL4-mediated transcription, thus no GFP signal is detectable. ii) Gypsy integration: If integration of gypsy into the ovo binding site occurs, depicted by triangles, GAL4-driven GFP expression becomes detectable as GAL80 expression is ceased. UAS, Upstream Activating Sequence. (C) A gypsy-CLEVR reporter mimicking the replication cycle of retrovirus (adopted from (92)). During replication of gypsy retrotransposon, 5’ end of the 3’-LTR region (U3’’ in black box) and 3’ end of the 5’ LTR region (U5 in white box) are respectively used for synthesis of 5’ end of 5’-LTR region and 3’ end of 3’-LTR region. Note that both 5X UAS in 5’-LTR region (U5 in white box) and a reporter (GFP-P2A-mCherry) in 3’-LTR region (U3’’ in black box) are in opposite direction to gypsy transcription. Retrotransposition of gypsy-CLEVR leads 5X UAS in vicinity to the reporter (GFP-P2A-mCherry), allowing expression of the reporter by GAL4 activator. PBS, primer binding site; LTR, Long Terminal Repeats.
  • Ubiquitin-regulating effector proteins from Legionella

    Structures of canonical ubiquitin system-related Legionella effectors. Structures of effectors that participate in or regulate canonical ubiquitin systems are presented. (A) Crystal structures of LubX (PDB:4WZ3), LubX U-Box-1 (PDB:4WZ3), LubX U-Box-2 (PDB:4XI1), and human UBE4B U box (PDB:3L1Z) are shown (from left to right, respectively). Superimposed structures of LubX U-box-1/2 and human UBE4M U-box are shown on the right. (B) Crystal structures of LotA OTU1 (PDB:7F9X), LotB (PDB:6KS5), and LotC (PDB:6YK8) are presented. The conserved OTU catalytic core is depicted as green, and the extra helical lobe (EHL) is yellow. (C) Complex crystal structures of RavD:di-ubiquitin (PDB:6NJD) and hOTULIN:di-ubiquitin (PDB:3ZNV).

BMB Reports 2022; 55(7): 305~361
Invited Mini Reviews
Ongoing endeavors to detect mobilization of transposable elements
Yujeong Lee, Una Ha & Sungjin Moon
BMB Reports 2022; 55(7): 305-315  https://doi.org/10.5483/BMBRep.2022.55.7.088
Ubiquitin-regulating effector proteins from Legionella
Minwoo Jeong, Hayoung Jeon & Donghyuk Shin
BMB Reports 2022; 55(7): 316-322  https://doi.org/10.5483/BMBRep.2022.55.7.054
Role of post-translational modifications on the alpha-synuclein aggregation-related pathogenesis of Parkinson’s disease
Hajung Yoo , Jeongmin Lee , Bokwang Kim , Heechang Moon , Huisu Jeong , Kyungmi Lee, Woo Jeung Song , Junho K. Hur & Yohan Oh
BMB Reports 2022; 55(7): 323-335  https://doi.org/10.5483/BMBRep.2022.55.7.073
Combination stem cell therapy using dental pulp stem cells and human umbilical vein endothelial cells for critical hindlimb ischemia
Chung Kwon Kim , Ji-Yoon Hwang, Tae Hee Hong, Du Man Lee, Kyunghoon Lee, Hyun Nam & Kyeung Min Joo
BMB Reports 2022; 55(7): 336-341  https://doi.org/10.5483/BMBRep.2022.55.7.003
Negative evidence on the transgenerational inheritance of defense priming in Arabidopsis thaliana
Se-Hun Yun, Bosl Noh & Yoo-Sun Noh
BMB Reports 2022; 55(7): 342-347  https://doi.org/10.5483/BMBRep.2022.55.7.013
Alternative splicing variant of NRP/B promotes tumorigenesis of gastric cancer
Aram Kim , Bo Ram Mok , Soojung Hahn , Jongman Yoo, Dong Hyun Kim & Tae-Aug Kim
BMB Reports 2022; 55(7): 348-353  https://doi.org/10.5483/BMBRep.2022.55.7.034
Inhibition of mitoNEET induces Pink1-Parkin-mediated mitophagy
Seunghee Lee , Sangguk Lee , Seon-Jin Lee & Su Wol Chung
BMB Reports 2022; 55(7): 354-359  https://doi.org/10.5483/BMBRep.2022.55.7.040
Erratum to: Exercise-induced beige adipogenesis of iWAT in Cidea reporter mice
Jin Kyung Kim, Hye Sun Go, Sol Pin Kim, Il Yong Kim, Yun Hee Lee , Seung Hyun Oh , Ho Lee & Je Kyung Seong
BMB Reports 2022; 55(7): 360-360  
Erratum to: Human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cell-derived mitochondria (PN-101) attenuate LPS-induced inflammatory responses by inhibiting NFκB signaling pathway
Shin-Hye Yu , Soomin Kim , Yujin Kim , Seo-Eun Lee , Jong Hyeok Park , Gayoung Cho , Jong-Cheon Ha, Hahnsun Jung, Sang-Min Lim, Kyuboem Han, Hong Kyu Lee, Young Cheol Kang * & Chun-Hyung Kim
BMB Reports 2022; 55(7): 361-361  


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