BMB Rep. 2009; 42(8): 500-505  
Anti-oxidative effects of Phellinus linteus and red ginseng extracts on oxidative stress-induced DNA damage
Byung-Jae Park1, Yeong-Seok Lim1, Hee-Jung Lee1, Won Sik Eum2, Jinseu Park2, Kyu Hyung Han2, Soo Young Choi2,* & Kil Soo Lee1,*
1Department of Life Science, 2Department of Biomedical Science and Research Institute for Bioscience and Biotechnology, Hallym University, Chunchon 202-702, Korea
Correspondence to: Kil Soo Lee, Tel: 82-33-248-2093; Fax: 82-33-256-3420; E-mail:, Soo Young Choi, Tel: 82-33-248-2112; Fax: 82-33-241-1463; E-mail:
Received: February 10, 2009; Accepted: March 9, 2009; Published online: August 31, 2009.
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Anti-oxidative effect of Phellinus linteus (P. linteus) and red ginseng extracts on DNA damage induced by reactive oxygen species (ROS) were investigated in this study. P. linteus (PLE) and red ginseng extracts (RGE) inhibited the breaking of E. coli ColE1 plasmid DNA strands as well as nuclear DNA of rat hepatocytes damaged by oxidative stress. In addition, a reaction mixture of PLE and RGE showed synergistic inhibitory effect against DNA damage. These results suggest that PLE and RGE have a cellular defensive effect against DNA damage induced by ROS.
Keywords: Antioxidant, DNA damage, Phellinus linteus (P. linteus), Reactive oxygen species (ROS), Red ginseng

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