• Recent insights into the role of ChREBP in intestinal fructose absorption and metabolism

    Fig. 1. Models for glucose and fructose transport across the intestinal epithelium. Glucose is transported into the enterocyte across the brush border membrane by the sodium glucose cotransporter 1 (SGLT1) and released across the basolateral membrane down the concentration gradients by glucose transporter 2 (GLUT2). The Na+/K+ pump in the basolateral membrane maintains the functional gradient of SGLT1. Fructose is transported through the brush border membrane and extruded basolaterally by facilitated diffusion via GLUT5.

BMB Reports 2018; 51(9): 425~479
Dishevelling Wnt and Hippo
Nam Hee Kim, Yoonmi Lee & Jong In Yook
BMB Reports 2018; 51(9): 425-426  https://doi.org/10.5483/BMBRep.2018.51.9.179
Thalamo-cortical system involving higher-order nuclei in patients with first-episode psychosis
Kang Ik K. Cho, Yoo Bin Kwak, Wu Jeong Hwang, Junhee Lee, Minah Kim, Tae Young Lee & Jun Soo Kwon
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Invited Mini Reviews
Recent insights into the role of ChREBP in intestinal fructose absorption and metabolism
Ho-Jae Lee & Ji-Young Cha
BMB Reports 2018; 51(9): 429-436  https://doi.org/10.5483/BMBRep.2018.51.9.197
The road less traveled: strategies to enhance the frequency of homology-directed repair (HDR) for increased efficiency of CRISPR/Cas-mediated transgenesis
Sushil Devkota*
BMB Reports 2018; 51(9): 437-443  https://doi.org/10.5483/BMBRep.2018.51.9.187
MiR-204 acts as a potential therapeutic target in acute myeloid leukemia by increasing BIRC6-mediated apoptosis
Zhiguo Wang, Hong Luo, Zehui Fang, Yanling Fan, Xiaojuan Liu, Yujing Zhang, Shuping Rui, Yafeng Chen, Luojia Hong, Jincheng Gao & Mei Zhang
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Up-regulation of HOXB cluster genes are epigenetically regulated in tamoxifen-resistant MCF7 breast cancer cells
Seoyeon Yang, Ji-Yeon Lee, Ho Hur, Ji Hoon Oh & Myoung Hee Kim
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MiR-363 inhibits cisplatin chemoresistance of epithelial ovarian cancer by regulating snail-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition
Lanqin Cao, Qian Wan, Fengjie Li & Can-e Tang
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Potential involvement of Drosophila flightless-1 in carbohydrate metabolism
Jung-Eun Park, Jinho Jang, Eun Ji Lee, Su Jung Kim, Hyun Ju Yoo, Semin Lee & Min-Ji Kang
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The purinergic receptor P2X5 contributes to bone loss in experimental periodontitis
Hyunsoo Kim, Tetsuhiro Kajikawa, Matthew C. Walsh, Noriko Takegahara, Yun Hee Jeong, George Hajishengallis & Yongwon Choi
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Resveratrol enhances cisplatin-induced apoptosis in human hepatoma cells via glutamine metabolism inhibition
Zhaoyuan Liu, Qing Peng, Yang Li & Yi Gao
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