• FGF signaling: diverse roles during cochlear development

    A schematic model showing diverse roles of FGF signaling in cochlear development. In the E11.5 cochlea, FGF9 expressed in non-sensory epithelium and FGF20 in sensory epithelium signal to FGFR1 and FGFR2 within the surrounding mesenchyme to regulate cochlear progenitor proliferation. Around E14.5–E15.5, FGF20 expressed within the Sox2 prosensory domain signal to FGFR1 expressed in the lateral edge of the prosensory domain to regulate the differentiation of outer hair cells and supporting cells. Around E16.5, FGF8 expressed by inner hair cells signal to FGFR3 in outer hair cells and supporting cells to regulate the pillar cell differentiation.

BMB Reports 2017; 50(10): 485~533
Rescuing p53 from mdm2 by a pre-structured motif in intrinsically unfolded SUMO specific protease 4
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Invited Mini Reviews
FGF signaling: diverse roles during cochlear development
Michael Ebeid, and Sung-Ho Huh
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Dead cell phagocytosis and innate immune checkpoint
Kyoung Wan Yoon
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The anti-microbial peptide SR-0379 stimulates human endothelial progenitor cell-mediated repair of peripheral artery diseases
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Caspase-2 mediates triglyceride (TG)-induced macrophage cell death
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Airborne particulate matter increases MUC5AC expression by downregulating Claudin-1 expression in human airway cells
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An NMR study on the intrinsically disordered core transactivation domain of human glucocorticoid receptor
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Peroxiredoxin I participates in the protection of reactive oxygen species-mediated cellular senescence
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