• Role of the CCN protein family in cancer

    Fig. 1. Structure and nomenclature of CCN protein family members. (Left) The amino acid location of the four conserved motifs (IGFBP, VWC, TSR, and CT) are represented as Arabic numerals. (Right) Alternative names for the CCN proteins are indicated. Abbreviations: Cyr61, cysteine rich 61; CTGF-2, connective tissue growth factor 2; IGFBP10, insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 10; IGFBP-rP4, IGFBP-related protein 4; HBGF-0.8, heparin-binding growth factor 0.8; HCS24, hypertrophic chondrocyte specific 24; NOV, nephroblastoma overexpressed gene; NOVH, human nov gene; Wisp, Wnt-inducible secreted protein; Elm-1, expressed in low metastatic cells; HICP, heparin-induced CCN-like protein; and Cop-1, card-only protein 1.
  • MicroRNA controls of cellular senescence

    Fig. 1. miRNAs regulate key signaling pathways critical for cellular senescence.
  • Investigating the role of Sirtuins in cell reprogramming

    Fig. 1. The function of sirtuins on genome stability. Sirt 1, 2, and 6 control the chromatin state by regulating the activation of enzymes during chromatic remodeling. Sirt1 removes acetylates in Sox2 and Myc removes methylates in Oct4. Also, Sirt2 modulates the stability of the Myc protein. SIRT6 can deacetylate H3K9Ac and H3K56Ac and is involved in the transcription of c- Myc. AC: Acetylation, ME: Methylation, SIRT: Surtuin.

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Role of the CCN protein family in cancer
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