• Cancer stem cell metabolism: target for cancer therapy

    Fig. 1. Impact of CSCs on the effectiveness of anticancer therapy. CSCs are a small sub population of bulk tumor cells that are highly chemo-resistant and play a prominent role in tumor relapse. While conventional therapy results in a transient reduction in the tumor by killing non-stem cancer cells (differentiated cancer cells), the remaining CSCs can form recurring tumors, and metastasis is induced by the formation of a secondary colony in distant organs. The use of CSC-specific inhibitors would reduce therapy resistance and relapse, and prevent metastasis, with a loss of stem cell properties.
  • Laminopathies; Mutations on single gene and various human genetic diseases

    Fig. 1. Structure of LMNA gene. LMNA, encoding Lamin A/C is composed of 12 exons and the two produced proteins, Lamin A and Lamin C. Exon 1-10 are commonly used for Lamin A and C proteins. However, exon 11 and 12 are only used by Lamin A. Since the end of exon 12 encodes CaaX motif (actually CSIM), only Lamin A is a target for farnesyl-transferase. In addition, the Zmpste24 protease target sequence is located in exon 11. Thus, Farnesylated Lamin A (prelamin A) is processed into mature Lamin A. Lamin C is produced by Exon 1-10 differentially from Lamin A. However, the final exon is differentially used from lamin by alternative splicing (dark blue box in middle panel). Consequently, the six C-terminal amino acids (VSGSRR; dark blue box) are uniquely derived from Lamin A. We also showed the structural domains of Lamin A/C.

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Cancer stem cell metabolism: target for cancer therapy
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