BMB Rep. 2009; 42(3): 125-130  

Emerging roles of RNA and RNA-binding protein network in cancer cells

Mee Young Kim, Jung Hur & Sunjoo Jeong*
National Research Lab for RNA Cell Biology, BK21 Graduate Program for RNA Biology and Department of Molecular Biology, Dankook University, Gyeonggi-do 448-701, Republic of Korea
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Received: March 5, 2009; Published online: March 31, 2009.
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Recent advances in RNA biology reveal unexpected diversity and complexity of cellular RNA metabolism. RNA-binding proteins (RBPs) are essential players in RNA metabolism, regulating RNA splicing, transport, surveillance, decay and translation. Aberrant expression of RBPs affects many steps of RNA metabolism, significantly altering expression of RNA. Thus, altered expression and dysfuncting of RBPs are implicated in the development of various diseases including cancer. In this minireview, we briefly describe emerging roles of RBPs as a global coordinator of post-transcriptional steps and altered RBP as a global generator of cancer related RNA alternative splicing. Identification and characterization of the RNA-RBP network would expand the scope of cellular RNA metabolism and provide novel anti-cancer therapeutic targets based on cancer specific RNA-RBP interaction.
Keywords: Alternative splicing, Cancer, RNA-binding protein (RBP), RNA metabolism

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