BMB Reports 2019; 52(1): 3-4  
Juxtacrine regulation of cellular senescence
Masashi Narita*
Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, University of Cambridge, Cambridge CB2 0RE, UK
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Received: November 4, 2018; Published online: January 31, 2019.
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Cellular senescence is defined as a state of stable cell cycle exit in response to various stimuli, which include both cytotoxic stress and physiological cues. In addition to the core non-proliferative aspect, senescence is associated with diverse functionalities, which contribute to the role of senescence in a wide range of pathological and physiological processes. Such functionality is often mediated by the capability of senescent cells to communicate with their surroundings. Emerging evidence suggests that senescence is not a single entity, but a dynamic and heterogeneous collective phenotype. Understanding the diverse nature of senescence should provide insights into the complexity of tissue homeostasis and its disruption, such as in aging and tumorigenesis.
Keywords: Epigenetics, NOTCH, SAHF, SASP, Senescence

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