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Fig. 1. Binding efficiency of the RavZ protein and RavZ mutants to mATG8 proteins in vitro. (A) Schematic diagram of 3xFLAG-RavZ protein and its mutants. LIR, LC3 interacting region; CAT, Catalytic domain; MT, Membrane targeting domain. WT, 3xFLAG-RavZ wild-type; C258S, 3xFLAG-RavZC258S, a catalytically inactive mutant; mLIR1/2–3, 3xFLAG-RavZmLIR1/2–3, a point mutation in the consensus sequences (W/F/Y-X-X-I/L/V → A-X-X-A) within all LIR motifs from 3xFLAG-RavZ. (B) mATG8 protein-binding property of 3xFLAG-RavZ using GST pulldown assays. 3xFLAG-RavZ binds to GST-LC3A/B and GST-GABARAP/-L1/L2 proteins, whereas 3xFLAG-RavZmLIR1/2–3 did not bind to any of the mATG8 proteins. Upper panel: anti-FLAG, Lower panel: Coomassie blue staining.
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