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Fig. 2. Mitochondrial genome integrity. (A) All iPSC clones harbored meaningful heteroplasmic (> 15%) mutations. (B) Venn diagram showing two mutations of MSCs shared by iPSC clones. (C) Mutations shared by MSCs and iPSC lines. The mt4988C>T in MSCs was present in five iPSC lines with various heteroplasmy, and the mt12528G>A in MSCs were present in two iPSC lines with 50% heteroplasmy and homoplasmy. (D) Stable mtDNA mutation during differentiation into MSCs. One homoplasmic mutation, detected in iPSC1 line, was transmitted to iPS1-MSCs. (E) mtDNA copy number in iPSCs was similar to hESCs. mtDNA copy number of original MSCs was similar in UCM-MSCs and higher than that in BM-MSCs. mtDNA copy number was similar between iPSCs and hESCs. Asterisks indicate statistically significant differences (*P < 0.05). Mean ± SEM. mtDNA, mitochondrial DNA; UCM-MSCs, umbilical cord matrix MSCs; BM-MSCs, bone marrow MSCs; hESCs, human embryonic stem cells.
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