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Fig. 1. Derivation of human midbrain dopaminergic neurons from hPSC. (A) A protocol developed by Sonntag et al. for the generation of human mDA neurons via the neural rosette-isolation, from hESCs co-cultured with the MS-5 cells as a feeder (). (B) A protocol developed by Swistowski et al. for the generation of expandable mDA progenitors and mDA neurons from hESCs via the embryonic body (EB)-formation and neural rosette-isolation (). (C) A protocol developed by Kriks et al. for the generation of hPSC-derived mDA neurons via the floor plate (FP)-induction (). AA, ascorbic acid. CHIR, CHIR99021. dbcAMP, dibutyryl-cyclic AMP. LDN, LDN193189. MS-5-Wnt1, Wnt1 transgenic MS-5 cells. PMP, purmorphamine. SB, SB431542.
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