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Fig. 4. Prx I deficiency leads to up-regulation of p16INK4a in MEFs. (A) Western blot analysis of Prx I, PCNA, p16INK4a, p21WAF1/Cip1, Cyclin D1, and β-actin in MEFs at each passage. (B) mRNA expressions were analyzed by quantitative Real-time PCR in MEFs from WT and Prx I−/− for 3 to 7 passages. (C) Prx I−/− MEFs were infected with recombinant adenovirus expressing human Prx I in a dose-dependent manner. Prx I and p16INK4a expressions were assessed by western blot using cell extracts. (D) Schematic illustration of essential role of Prx I regulate ROS/p16INK4a expression during cellular senescence by serial passage.
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