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Fig. 2. Prx I deletion induceds cellular senescence both in vitro and in vivo. (A) Representative SA-β-gal staining images of early-and late-passage Prx I+/+ MEFs were shown. (B) Representative images of Prx I+/+ and Prx I−/− MEFs stained for SA-β-gal at 8 passage. (C) Prx I+/+ and Prx I−/− MEFs were stained for SA-β-gal at each passage from 3 to 11. SA-β-gal positive cells were counted in at least 10 fields from triplicate plates. Data represent Mean ± SD (n = 3). *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01, ***P < 0.001. (D) The Liver, the lung, the intestine, and the uterus of Prx I−/− mice were examined by SA-β-gal staining and compared to those of the Prx I+/+ mice. Black arrows indicate that SA-β-gal positive cells.
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