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Fig. 3. Summary of TorC2 and TorC1 mediated orchestration of cytoskeletal remodeling in migrating cell. The leading edge of a migrating cell display extensive F-Actin remodeling mediated by either TorC2/Akt (i) and TorC1/S6K1 (ii). Dynamic turnover of adhesion complexes are essential part of cell migration and are targets of TorC2/Akt/PIP5K signaling (iii and iv) and TorC1/S6K1 (v). Rho activity may negatively be affected through TorC2 and PKA signaling axis (vi) or positively thoroughly Paxillin/FAK adhesion complex (vii) and TorC1/TAP42 mediated inhibition of PP2A/B56 (viii).
BMB Reports 2017;50:437~444
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