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Fig. 1. Models of NMD activation. (A) The EJC-dependent model. PTCs are recognized if they are present more than 50–55 nucleotides upstream of an exon-exon junction during the pioneer round of translation. The mRNA carries the CBP20/CBP80 hetero-dimer at the 5′cap and PABPN1 and PABPC1 on the poly(A) tail at the 3′ end. In this model UPF1 is recruited by the UPF3X and UPF2 proteins bound to the exon junction complex (EJC). Translation termination occurs because UPF1 interacts with the release factors eRF1 () and eRF3 (). (B) The PTC-PABPC1 distance model. PTC recognition is based on the probability that translation termination will occur via the interaction between UPF1 and release factors (NMD translation termination) or via the interaction between PABPC1 and release factors (normal translation termination).
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