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PRR11 and SKA2 gene pair is overexpressed and regulated by p53 in breast cancer
Yitao Wang, Chunxue Zhang, Li Mai, Yulong Niu, Yingxiong Wang and Youquan Bu
BMB Reports 2019; 52(2): 157-162   PDF PubMed Google Scholar Search
High expression of RAD51 promotes DNA damage repair and survival in KRAS-mutant lung cancer cells
Jinfang Hu, Zhiguo Zhang, Lei Zhao, Li Li, Wei Zuo and Lei Han
BMB Reports 2019; 52(2): 151-156   PDF PubMed Google Scholar Search
Endothelial dysfunction induces atherosclerosis: increased aggrecan expression promotes apoptosis in vascular smooth muscle cells
Sang-Min Kim Jae-Wan Huh, Eun-Young Kim, Min-Kyung Shin, Ji-Eun Park, Seong Who Kim, Wooseong Lee, Bongkun Choi & Eun-Ju Chang
BMB Reports 2019; 52(2): 145-150   PDF PubMed Google Scholar Search
SETDB1 regulates SMAD7 expression for breast cancer metastasis
Tae Young Ryu, Kwangho Kim, Seon-Kyu Kim, Jung-Hwa Oh, Jeong-Ki Min, Cho-Rok Jung, Mi-Young Son, Dae-Soo Kim and Hyun-Soo Cho
BMB Reports 2019; 52(2): 139-144   PDF PubMed Google Scholar Search
E3 ubiquitin ligases and deubiquitinases as modulators of TRAIL-mediated extrinsic apoptotic signaling pathway
Seon Min Woo and Taeg Kyu Kwon
BMB Reports 2019; 52(2): 119-126   PDF PubMed Google Scholar Search
Regulation of post-translational modification in breast cancer treatment
Kyung-Sun Heo
BMB Reports 2019; 52(2): 113-118   PDF PubMed Google Scholar Search
Acid sphingomyelinase-mediated blood-brain barrier disruption in aging
Min Hee Park, Hee Kyung Jin and Jae-sung Bae
BMB Reports 2019; 52(2): 111-112   PDF PubMed Google Scholar Search
The coordinated regulation of mitochondrial structure and function by Drp1 for mitochondrial quality surveillance
Hyo Min Cho and Woong Sun
BMB Reports 2019; 52(2): 109-110   PDF PubMed Google Scholar Search
Epigenetic regulation of long noncoding RNA UCA1 by SATB1 in breast cancer
Jong-Joo Lee, Mikyoung Kim & Hyoung-Pyo Kim,*
BMB Rep. 2016; 49(10): 578-583   PDF PubMed Google Scholar Search
Transcriptional activity of the short gastrulation primary enhancer in the ventral midline requires its early activity in the presumptive neurogenic ectoderm
Dong-Hyeon Shin & Joung-Woo Hong*
BMB Rep. 2016; 49(10): 572-577   PDF PubMed Google Scholar Search